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Hire top-tier professionals from India through our AI-powered platform offering comprehensive & proprietary recruitment solutions.



Allied Health Professionals

Care Workers

Software Developers

Data Analysts

Data Scientists

+ Many More


How TERN helps you

Simplify Your Hiring.
Amplify Your Results.

TERN gives you access to a proprietary supply of top Indian talent through our tool and comprehensive process that refines every facet of your recruitment journey.

TERN Magic Match Candidate

Access top 5% of talent

Tap into an elite pool of Indian professionals, each rigorously selected for qualifications, adaptability, and cultural compatibility

Candidates are curated from premier universities, training centres, government skill programs, and, enriched by peer-referral and direct-to-candidate marketing.

We undertake extensive algorithmic profiling, background checks, language assessments, and specialised interviews to shortlist the top talent.

Hire 3X faster

Speed up your hiring by eliminating the burden of sourcing & reviewing hundreds of candidate profiles.

Get an AI-powered shortlist of the top 5 Magic-Matched candidates, which keeps getting better-suited for your roles with more frequent use of the TERN platform.

Browse quality resumes that are standardised to highlight relevant experience, references, and qualifications for informed and swift decision-making.

TERN Services Offered

Comprehensive end-to-end services

Navigate the complexities of international hiring with ease. We manage the exhaustive process, giving you a simple and streamlined hiring experience with with essential account and compliance support.

We give your recruitment team customised hiring solutions, handling everything from screenings to integration.

You get complete visibility and control at every stage of the long process of hiring beyond borders.

how it works

Your step-by-step journey

Our structured recruitment process is designed to be single-window solution that ensures a seamless and comprehensive hiring journey.



Post your role

Post your job listing in 30 seconds, using our AI-generated templates. Tailor it with specialisations and reference resumes for precise candidate matching.



Get Magic Match recommendations

Review the top 5 candidates, each with a 70% likelihood of fitting your needs. You can further explore a curated list of verified and evaluated talent.



Manage your candidates

Browse profiles through our standardised resume formats. Effortlessly schedule interviews through an interface designed to streamline time-slot coordination.



Make an offer

Select your top candidate and share offers and sponsorship letters through integrated tools like DocuSign, while we manage all administrative and compliance aspects.



We handle relocation & integration

We facilitate the entire relocation process, including visa, migration, and integration, ensuring candidates smoothly transition into their new roles and communities.

What we offer

A Full Spectrum Of Recruitment Services


Ensuring seamless operations and regulatory alignment

  • Assignment and renewal of sponsorship certificates
  • Comprehensive reporting and sponsor system oversight
  • Specialised support for compliance requirements


Covering every aspect of the recruitment journey

  • Identifying and validating top Indian talent and their qualifications
  • Conducting checks of essential documents, licenses, CBT pass status, Federal Employment Agency approvals, and work permits
  • Verifying proofs of exams, teaching hours, financial means, and criminal records
  • Overseeing NMC application processes and job offer management


Streamlining the immigration journey for each hired candidate

  • Efficient handling of visa applications and BRP letters
  • Ensuring health safety with Covid-19 vaccine certificate verification
  • Facilitating overseas police checks and sponsorship form management


Facilitating a seamless transition to a new environment

  • Coordinating comprehensive travel logistics
  • Providing airport reception and interim accommodation

Pastoral Support

Comprehensive support for smooth cultural and community integration

  • Assisting with housing searches and settlement processes
  • Establishing connections with local guardians
  • Assisting with bank openings, OSCE training, and Townhall registration
TERN Magic Match Candidate

A walkthrough

A Closer Look At TERN's Capabilities

See how TERN can help you tap into the potential of global talent and bypass the complexities of international recruitment.

High fill-rate


successful offers

Rapid process

45 days

 from offer to onboarding

Savings on recruitment


reduced costs

Superior team stability


higher retention


What our clients say

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Quick turn around time

Loved working with TERN to hire senior medical staff. The platform was simple to use, and shortlisting the final candidates that met our requirements was surprisingly fast!

Lee Williams

Lee Williams

Director of workforce, NHS

Faster Process



Simplified the process for us!

There's a lot that goes into global hiring, and we were very pleased with how TERN handled it all for us. Apart from posting the job, selecting the final candidate and giving the sponsorship letter, my team didn't have to spend much time on hiring.

John William

John William

Alpha user

Faster Process



Excellent pool of candidates

We selected our final hires from TERN's AI-matched candidates, and found that the platform was very accurate in matching profiles to our needs. Beats reviewing profiles we get via LinkedIn!

Daniel William

Daniel William

Beta user

Faster Process



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the TERN process, we have the answers so that you can begin finding your dream job without any hesitation or doubt.

Is TERN a recruitment agency? Is it an ATS platform?

No! TERN is a new kind of player in the recruitment industry thay's performing multiple roles, and aiming to be a single stop for employers and candidates in the cross-border hiring process. We handle the entire lifecycle of a hire - from the employer’s point of view as well as the candidate’s. With an extensive database of talent that has been thoroughly checked and vetted across multiple parameters, we use AI to matches candidates with roles. We then offer full-spectrum support in the relocation, immigration and integration process to give the candidate and recruiter a seamless journey.

Can I sign up only for the TERN recruiter platform and use it along with my existing hiring channels?

Our platform has been created to source top-tier talent, verify and vet their qualifications and competencies, and upskill them for specific roles or markets. Without availing of our full-stack service, your hiring process may not be as efficient but you can onboard other vendors and use our recruiter platform with existing hiring channels. To see the range of options that our platform offers, schedule a demo with us.

I already have a visa agency. Do I need to use TERN?

We’re flexible in the services we provide. We have noticed that it’s easier for candidates and more cost-effective for recruiters to avail of our full-service package, but you can customise your TERN plan as per your needs.

Do you only have Indian candidates?

No. While many of our candidates come from India, we actually have candidates from Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. Additionally, we are expanding to other markets and are in the process of onboarding candidates from the UAE, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Can I rely on your candidates to follow through on the hiring process without dropping off?

Yes. Recruitment agencies focus on just the employers, without heeding the needs of candidates. We’ve addressed both sides of this equation. We capture our candidates' preferences, counsel and upskill them for the different roles they can get, give them full control over their application status, and even handle their immigration and relocation. We do this to make the hiring process seamless for them, so that every offer made on TERN can translate into a working relationship made with informed decisions and zero logistical hassles.

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