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We make it easy for you to explore diverse career paths overseas, with comprehensive assistance for every aspect of relocation and integrating into a different country’s culture.



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How TERN helps you

A World Of Opportunities Awaits

Your qualifications and work experience could land you roles abroad, putting you on a fast-track to the success that you have the potential to achieve.

Multiple roles from reputed employers

Multiple roles from reputed employers

Access a network of curated jobs that offer a wide range of career opportunities, and unparalleled professional growth.

Every job and employer on TERN is thoroughly vetted so you can be assured of secure roles by reputed employers who are ready to sponsor your move abroad.

We also proactively connect you with roles that align with your skills, facilitating a perfect job fit. Our results are reflected in the 85% satisfaction score our placed applicants give their new employers!

TERN Simple, transparent, effective process

Simple, transparent, effective process

We understand how arduous the job-search process can be, especially for international roles. We’ve significantly reduced the burden on you, to make it a simple and streamlined process.

Our platform makes every step transparent and clear with no hidden fees or unexpected terms. You get detailed insights into every role so you can make informed decisions.

The process of signing up, applying, interviewing and accepting offers is simplified through our one-stop platform and intuitive interface.


End-to-end expert guidance

You get our full support in navigating the complexities of cross-border job placement so you can focus on the work, not the logistics.

A dedicated career counsellor helps you with all things related to your job search from writing your resume to language training, interview preparation, and upskilling for specific roles.

Our global transitions counsellor helps you with all the steps involved in working overseas from securing your sponsorship letter to facilitating visa, immigration and relocation procedures and even helping in finding the right house for your family so you can integrate with your new country, role, and community.

how it works

Your Step-By-Step Journey

TERN's structured recruitment process is meticulously designed to cover every aspect of hiring. As a single-window solution, we ensure a seamless and comprehensive journey, handling everything from candidate sourcing to final placement, simplifying your recruitment experience.


Build your profile in seconds

Create a profile

Set up a structured profile that highlights all your qualifications and achievements. Our AI-powered platform will then recommend you for jobs that align with your qualifications and ambitions.


Browse and apply

Our career counsellor will aid you in making your profile stand out further through upskilling, training programs, language proficiencies, and professional certifications.


Interviews Hub

Interview & get offers

Schedule and attend interviews swiftly, accept offers and get access to sponsorship letters as well as our help in compliance, relocation and integration into your new country.

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What we offer

With You at Every Step of Your International Career


You get a dedicated counsellor to aid you from onboarding to offer

  • Setting up and honing your candidate profile 
  • CV guidance and interview preparation
  • Support in managing and streamlining job application and offer acceptance processes


Further preparation to help you get the best opportunity and offer

  • Access to diverse training modules
  • Language training for IELTS, OET and foreign language proficiencies
  • CBT training and other job-relevant counselling and preparation


Facilitating the complex process of immigrating to a new country

  • Procuring sponsorship letter from employer 
  • Support for your visa including finding the best route, collating documents, and aiding in the application


Helping you make the move from your home base to a new country

  • Managing international flights with airport welcome 
  • Arranging initial accommodation


To help you settle into your new role and community

  • Support in finding a home for you and your family 
  • Assisting you with local bank procedures, phone connections, townhall registration, and other local logistics 
  • Connecting you with local guardians for long-term cultural immersion
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A walkthrough

A Closer Look at Your TERN Journey

Discover the seamless process through which you can land the best job abroad, with comprehensive guidance at every step of the way.


Success stories from our placed candidates

TERN has a very fast and smooth process

The entire process for the offer letter with TERN was very fast and smooth. I received it within a month! Nowhere did I feel that TERN would leave me hanging. I had regular updates from them every week and I really appreciate them for their efforts and support.

Dennis Matthew

Dennis Matthew

Nurse, Kerala, India

Faster Process



I am so excited to work and earn

I have been selected to work in Kanazawa, a city in Japan, with a salary of around 2 Lakh Yen per month. I am so excited to work and earn. I am looking forward to going to Japan.

Josephine Lalchungnungi

Josephine Lalchungnungi


Faster Process



Very motivating, supportive, and encouraging team

I had a very positive experience with TERN. Everyone in the team is very supportive, motivating and even encouraging. My entire process has really been smooth with TERN, and I want to thank them for this opportunity.

Sheeba Alvin

Sheeba Alvin

Nurse, Malappuram, Kerala

Faster Process



I will be able to support my family

I am already past the interview and got selected. My annual income will be 11 lakhs and I am very happy that I will be able to support my family and fulfil their dreams.

Dina Bordeor

Dina Bordeor


Faster Process



A very friendly team

I would really like to thank TERN for their support towards helping me get a job in Germany. This would not have been possible without their support, The entire team is very friendly and it is TERN that has made my dream to work abroad a reality. I really owe a big thank you to TERN.

Krishna Naikar

Krishna Naikar

Nurse, MGM Hospital

Faster Process



So excited to go to Japan

After I completed my ANM course in nursing, I came to Gurgaon to study the Japanese language so that I could work in Japan as a caregiver. I am so excited to go to Japan & work in capital, Tokyo




Faster Process



Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the TERN process, we have the answers so that you can begin finding your dream job without any hesitation or doubt.

Does TERN charge a fee for placement services?

No, TERN does not charge candidates anything for placement. A candidate can sign up and apply for roles through our platform for free. Apart from placement, we do offer career counselling, training and upskilling, as well as visa & relocation services that candidates can avail of. Those have separate fees which can be added to the plan as needed.

What is TERN’s candidate platform?

This is a tech platform that candidates can log into to use the array of services that TERN offers. On logging in, candidates can see and update their profile, see open roles, apply to them, schedule interviews, and more. The focus is to give every candidate complete control and transparency over their job application process. To see what the platform has to offer in more detail, view our demo video.

I’m looking for a job overseas. What are my options? How can I find out more?

Once you sign up with TERN, a dedicated career counsellor will be appointed for you. They will understand your qualifications and ambitions, and outline the different paths to getting your dream job. They will also help you improve your candidate profile, prepare for interviews, and suggest training programs that can make you eligible for certain types of roles.

Are you only hiring for the UK?

We’re currently working with employers in the UK, Germany and UAE. We’re in the process of expanding operations to Australia, Saudi Arabia and Canada and you’ll soon see roles for these countries up on the TERN platform.