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Hire Top tier global



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in record time.

Source, close and relocate top healthcare talents on Tern. Track VISA and help candidates settle by finding suitable housing options and more.

Join the healthcare recruitment revolution, just like they did

We’ve got your back from perfect match to offer

Access top 5% of Indian healthcare professionals today, schedule interviews and send them an offer in 2 clicks.

Magic Match

Match perfect candidates instantly

Documents Hub

Candidate docs, verified & up to date

Pre-Screening Interviews

Recorded interviews to screen faster

Interview Scheduling

Candidate availability already
collected, ready for you to book.

Send an Offer in 2 Clicks

Drag & drop your doc and expedite offers.

Magic Match

Magic Match enables you to find your perfect candidate instantly. Search using basic filters, or add additional criteria if needed

Documents Hub

Tern ensures the authenticity of candidates documents and makes sure they’re up-to-date so you don’t have to.

Pre-Screening Interviews

Evaluate language skills and communication confidence through pre-recorded interview sessions.

Interview Scheduling

Experience seamless interview scheduling. We gather candidate availability, enabling you to quickly secure a time slot with them.

Send an Offer in 2 Clicks

When ready to extend an offer, we surface all essential details for you to include in your offer. You can then drag and drop the document to expedite the process.

Offer sent? Get your admin and immigration on autopilot

Save yourself time and stress by choosing from a curated list of services, including VISA, banking or housing.


Optional services we offer


Expert guidance through the visa application process to ensure compliance and successful relocation.


Seamless banking setup and financial advice to secure your funds and facilitate transactions in your new location.


Find customised housing solutions near the workplace, from temporary stays to permanent residencies for healthcare professionals to settle in.

and more...

Take a sneak peak at the amazing profiles you could hire

Find a diverse range of carefully verified healthcare professionals bespoke to your specific needs

Priya Malhotra

Doctor (Consultant)

Agra, India

Years of Experience


Consultant for 3 years

Can start work in

6 months

+ est. 3 months VISA



Valid GMC


Neurology, Anesthesiology

Anika Rama

General Nurse

Kerala, India

Years of Experience



Can start work in

4 months

+ est. 3 months VISA



Valid NMC



Akash Chopra

Radiographer (AHP)

Delhi, India

Years of Experience



Can start work in

2 months

+ est. 3 months VISA



Valid HCPC


Diagnostic Radiography

What’s so different about us?

We’re on a mission to solve healthcare shortages in the UK and beyond. Below are some of the reasons you haven’t come across anything like us before.

Matching top candidates to your vacancies instantly

We directly source and verify the best candidates from across India through our extensive digital marketing campaigns and deep partnerships

From VISA to onboarding

Pick from the wide range of services we provide including visa assistance, housing, and pastoral support.

Partner of India’s NSDC

NSDC is the largest skill development body in the country, established by the Indian government

Tech-First Approach

Tern uses advanced technology, AI and integrates with leading third party providers to streamline healthcare recruitment, from perfect match to headless immigration or settling in.

You’ll hate Tern if…

You are happy for international candidates to take ages to join once you’ve hired them.

You love being bombarded by agencies with unsuitable CVs

It’s very simple for you to find housing for your new hires.

You love playing email ping pong to organise interviews

Chasing for updates on visa sounds fun

You prefer an opaque recruitment process

What people are saying about us.

Hear the success stories: Real feedback from clients who've transformed their teams with us

Ambily Sasi

General Nurse, Kerala

I was very nervous initially, but I got the confidence from the TERN team to make the move, and I am so happy that I took this opportunity. Everything has been going smoothly and I want to thank the team from my heart for this.

Dennis Matthew

General Nurse, Kerala

The entire process for the offer letter with TERN was very fast and smooth. I received it within a month! Nowhere did I feel that TERN would leave me hanging. I had regular updates from them every week and I really appreciate them for their efforts and support.

Preethy Pushpraj Tandale

General Nurse, Maharashtra

It has been an amazing experience with TERN!While I lost all hope and with others giving me false promises, TERN came into my life like a ray of light! I was guided beautifully by the entire team. They motivated me to take the interview and get the job that I have right now! Thank you TERN, for everything!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions about the TERN process, we have the answers so that you can begin finding your dream job without any hesitation or doubt.

Is TERN a recruitment agency? Is it an ATS platform?

No! TERN is a new kind of player in the recruitment industry thay's performing multiple roles, and aiming to be a single stop for employers and candidates in the cross-border hiring process. We handle the entire lifecycle of a hire - from the employer’s point of view as well as the candidate’s. With an extensive database of talent that has been thoroughly checked and vetted across multiple parameters, we use AI to matches candidates with roles. We then offer full-spectrum support in the relocation, immigration and integration process to give the candidate and recruiter a seamless journey.

Can I sign up only for the TERN recruiter platform and use it along with my existing hiring channels?

Our platform has been created to source top-tier talent, verify and vet their qualifications and competencies, and upskill them for specific roles or markets. Without availing of our full-stack service, your hiring process may not be as efficient but you can onboard other vendors and use our recruiter platform with existing hiring channels. To see the range of options that our platform offers, schedule a demo with us.

I already have a visa agency. Do I need to use TERN?

We’re flexible in the services we provide. We have noticed that it’s easier for candidates and more cost-effective for recruiters to avail of our full-service package, but you can customise your TERN plan as per your needs.

Do you only have Indian candidates?

No. While many of our candidates come from India, we actually have candidates from Jordan, Morocco, Tunisia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, and South Africa. Additionally, we are expanding to other markets and are in the process of onboarding candidates from the UAE, Philippines, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka.

Can I rely on your candidates to follow through on the hiring process without dropping off?

Yes. Recruitment agencies focus on just the employers, without heeding the needs of candidates. We’ve addressed both sides of this equation. We capture our candidates' preferences, counsel and upskill them for the different roles they can get, give them full control over their application status, and even handle their immigration and relocation. We do this to make the hiring process seamless for them, so that every offer made on TERN can translate into a working relationship made with informed decisions and zero logistical hassles.

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