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Nursing in Germany

May 30, 2024


A Comprehensive Guide to Nursing Ausbildung in Germany

Do you wish to pursue a nursing career in Germany? But do you also want to complete a course while gaining practical experience at the same time? Choose Ausbildung or a vocational training Programme in Germany.

In this blog, we provide a one-stop guide to the nursing Ausbildung Programme in Germany. But first, let’s understand the meaning of Ausbildung.

Ausbildung De: A brief introduction

Ausbildung, a German word for vocational training or apprenticeship, is a Programme that combines education with on-the-job training designed to help individuals gain skills to enter the workforce. This is a dual education system where apprentices are employed by a company and paid a salary while they attend vocational school on a part-time basis to learn the theoretical foundations of the chosen field.

The German Ausbildung Programme strongly focuses on practical skills while keeping a close connection with industry, making it a highly respected system by the international community. It is offered in various fields, including engineering, construction, IT, healthcare and more.

The nursing Ausbildung Programme is deigned for individuals who wants to pursue a career in nursing in Germany. It provides them with the theoretical and practical knowledge to handle complex medical situations, deliver high-quality patient care, and make informed decisions.

The program not only meets the demands of the German healthcare industry but also provides them with a great opportunity to advance their career.

Why should you pursue nursing vocational training in Germany?

There are three main reasons that make Germany the ideal location for Indian students to pursue vocational training in Germany. 

1. A combination of theory and practice

The essence of the dual education system in the program is the combination of theory and practice. That means you will receive the best of both worlds with practical work experience at a healthcare facility along with theoretical learning at a vocational school.

2. Learning whilst earning

Once you start the Programme, you will be earning from the first day you step into the healthcare facility. While you are gaining theoretical knowledge at the schools, you will work at nursing homes, hospitals or outpatient nursing services for the practical component of the course. During your working hours at these facilities and institutes, you will be paid a remuneration for your work.

3. A chance to secure a permanent job

The demand for nursing professionals is on the rise in Germany, with about 37,000 vacant jobs in care facilities due to its growing ageing population. Vocational training can help you get a foot inside this demanding labour market in Germany. 

Many healthcare facilities offer apprentices a job once they complete the Programme. This is because you will have gained experience along with the knowledge required on the job, which makes you qualified to work in the healthcare sector. It is also beneficial for you, as you are aware of their operations, colleagues and the facility overall.

What is the eligibility criteria for Nursing Ausbildung in Germany?

To pursue Nursing Ausbildung in Germany, Indian students need to meet the following requirements:

Education Qualifications 

You will be required to present a certificate of intermediate education, which is 12th grade.

Language Proficiency

Being able to communicate with patients, colleagues, and professionals is an essential part of working in the healthcare sector. Therefore, you need to be proficient in the German language at a B1 or B2 level on the CERF scale, depending on the federal state. 

Physical Fitness

As a nurse, you spend the majority of your day on your feet, which can include walking around the hospital or helping patients with their daily tasks. That’s why some institutions might require you to meet the physical and mental health requirements to prove you will be able to perform these tasks properly.

Background check

You will need to provide proof of your criminal record to showcase your trustworthiness. Some institutes might also require you to provide a certificate of good conduct from your home country or a German Police clearance certificate.

The German Police clearance certificate can be filled out online using this link. 

What is the duration and course structure of the Programme?

The duration for vocational training Programme in nursing is three years for a full-time course or five years for a part-time course.

As an apprentice, you will spend the theoretical part of the Programme in a nursing school, where you will cover a wide range of subjects including pharmacology, medical ethics, anatomy and physiology, among others.

The practical training takes place in a nursing home, hospital, or outpatient nursing service that allows you to apply the theoretical knowledge from the school in real-life settings. Under the supervision of an experienced nurse, you will gain hands-on experience, participate in clinical situations and provide direct care to patients to develop fundamental nursing skills.

The course structure of the Programme is fairly simple. In the first two years, general nursing training is provided. Before starting the 3rd year, you have the option of choosing a specialisation, which can be geriatric nursing, occupational healthcare and paediatric nursing or continuing the generalist nursing training.

Course Structure of Ausbildung Nursing Programme 

How much will you get paid during nursing Ausbildung?

There are no tuition fees that need to be paid for the program. Instead, you are paid a monthly stipend.

The monthly remuneration before tax and deductions are: 1st year - €1,341, 2nd year - €1,402, 3rd year - €1,503

Where to find opportunities for nursing Ausbildung in Germany?

To find opportunities for nursing Ausbildung in Germany, look through different healthcare facilities and institutions’ websites or third-party job sites.

Some companies that provide the Programme are:

  • Cologne University Hospital
  • Ludwig Fresenius Schools
  • ESO Education Group
  • Helios Kliniken GmbH

Common third-party job websites that can be helpful are:

Lastly, you can also check the German Federal Employment Agency or the local Chamber of Commerce for Ausbildung opportunities. 

What are the career prospects after nursing Ausbildung? 

After finishing the nursing Ausbildung Programme, you will need to sit for a state examination that assesses your knowledge and skills. You will be awarded a nursing licence, upon successful completion.

You will then have two options: employment and further education.

You can choose to enter the German workforce by working in various healthcare settings like hospitals, doctor’s offices, clinics and nursing homes. 

Alternatively, you also have the option of pursuing a higher education with a bachelor’s or master’s degree. These degrees provide an opportunity to further specialise in your nursing career and help you gain advanced nursing roles in the future.

There are Programmes available in a wide range of areas like nursing science, health and nursing management and more. Additionally, you can also pursue specialist nurse courses in areas of intensive care, surgery and geriatric psychiatry, among others. Lastly, advanced clinical nursing courses in emergency nursing, oncology nursing, neurology nursing and more are also available. 

The top 5 nursing schools in Germany are:

  • Heidelberg University
  • Charite - Medical University of Berlin
  • University of Hamburg
  • University of Munich
  • Technical University of Munich

How can TERN help you?

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